Thomas Waidhofer

Born 1988, i live and work in vienna/europe.
After my apprenticeship as a high voltage electrician, I studied digital art at the university of applied arts in vienna. During my study it became apparent that my work is more about artistic design than digital values. Since 2015 I work on objects, spaces and installations, in which I always try to give narratives to conventional furnishings. In some cases old furniture and lamps serve as a medium, while new objects are often constructed with all the tools of technology and craftsmanship. My results range from the minimalism to the extraordinary, which is mainly determined by the mix of different styles, processing possibilities and materials. I like to describe my work with two simple words - beauties & beasts.

University of applied Arts - Open House 2013
University of applied Arts - Open House 2014
The Essence 2016
Bitoresc 2016
The Essence 2017
Vienna Design Week - Rado Star Prize 2017
Digital Design Days - Exist 2018
Digital Design Days - Danger 2018
Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2019
Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2021

BILDOBJEKTROMAN / Beatrix Sunkovsky / 2015
INSZENIERTE PROJEKTE / Beatrix Sunkovsky / 2017